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Synonyms for dipsomania

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Acts 203 (entitled "An Act relative to the commitment of women subject to dipsomania or inebriety").
En 1915 ingresaron 228 alienados, de los cuales 51 (22,4%) presentaban alguna psicosis o causa alcoholica; su distribucion fue la siguiente: alcoholismo 7 (13,7%); alcohol 3 (5,9%); dipsomania 2 (3,9%); degeneracion por alcohol 2 (3,9%); familia neuropatica por alcohol 27 (52,9%); herencia del alcoholismo 10 (19,6%).
Respecto de los 'decadentes', el nicaraguense era claro: nada de dipsomania sino destilacion interesada y selectiva: "Conoci a los buenos y a los extravagantes.
It's Divine Dipsomania, and it's something that other amateurs can enjoy while taking their astronomical quest in new directions, developing friends and colleagues along the way.
Moreover, in an age that has Internet poker, an American vice-President who settles his differences with a ranking Congressman by telling him to '[expletive] yourself', and a magazine devoted to dipsomania (Modern Drunkard), gambling, swearing, and drinking are now usually categorized as vices (if that).
Dos dias antes del equinoccio de primavera de 1900, cuando los voladores iban apenas en la quinta vuelta, en la punta del palo, 35 metros encima de las cabezas, Santiago Burgos danzaba como loco y, a pleno pulmon, repetia las imprecaciones mas torridas de su dipsomania.
Through the meticulous analysis of such words as dipsomania, inebriety, and alcoholism, Tracy discusses social and legal changes that moved drunkards out of jails and mental institutions and into private and state-supported facilities devoted to the curing of inebriates.
A close inspection of Chancre's campaign posters, which are taped to every other cement column despite regulations against campaign literature within a hundred yards of Headquarters, reveals myriad tiny insurrections, such as counterclockwise swirls in the middle of Chancre's pupils, an allusion to his famous nocturnal dipsomania.
In the novel itself, then, Nana embodies "the new focus on the dangers of unrestrained consumption" and its association with female desire (Felski 77), but it is Rhys's invented cover for an English edition that links Nana's kleptomaniac tendencies with dipsomania and racial otherness.
La dipsomania de Dario era ya conocida por todos, sin embargo, es dudoso que los reproches moralistas o la envidia hayan sido la causa de juicios tan negativos contra el.
His self-indulgence and dipsomania have destroyed his marriage and his relationship with his son.
At anything other than dipsomania, rutting, and self-aggrandisement, they were simply--to employ an obsolescent but useful British acronym--N.
In the 1880 US census, the number of listed mental disorders had jumped to seven: mania, melancholia, monomania, paresis, dementia, dipsomania, and, a little incongruously to modern eyes, epilepsy.
A paranoid planner fearful of the boredom accompanying the successful completion of his design, Doctor Triceps hungers for new cases of dipsomania and syphilis.
hysterical or epileptic fits," to "erotomania, dipsomania, and kleptomania;' even to "criminal violence" (126).