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a ladle that has a cup with a long handle

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a cluster of seven stars in Ursa Minor

a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

small North American diving duck

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And truly Levin had never drunk any liquor so good as this warm water with green bits floating in it, and a taste of rust from the tin dipper. And immediately after this came the delicious, slow saunter, with his hand on the scythe, during which he could wipe away the streaming sweat, take deep breaths of air, and look about at the long string of mowers and at what was happening around in the forest and the country.
The old man crumbled up some bread in a cup, stirred it with the handle of a spoon, poured water on it from the dipper, broke up some more bread, and having seasoned it with salt, he turned to the east to say his prayer.
The mowers from all sides, brought closer together in the short row, kept urging one another on to the sound of jingling dipper and clanging scythes, and the hiss of the whetstones sharpening them, and good-humored shouts.
The sun was already sinking into the trees when they went with their jingling dippers into the wooded ravine of Mashkin Upland.
When, having obtained permission, she walked to the water pail in the corner and drank from the dipper, unseen forces dragged Seesaw from his seat to go and drink after her.
As she replaced the dipper Seesaw promptly raised his hand, and Miss Dearborn indicated a weary affirmative.
As they narrated to each other their unholy adventures, their tales of terror told in words of mirth; as their uncivilized laughter forked upwards out of them, like the flames from the furnace; as to and fro, in their front, the harpooneers wildly gesticulated with their huge pronged forks and dippers; as the wind howled on, and the sea leaped, and the ship groaned and dived, and yet steadfastly shot her red hell further and further into the blackness of the sea and the night, and scornfully champed the white bone in her mouth, and viciously spat round her on all sides; then the rushing Pequod, freighted with savages, and laden with fire, and burning a corpse, and plunging into that blackness of darkness, seemed the material counterpart of her monomaniac commander's soul.
Rhyl's mayor Cllr Win Mullen-James and TV personality Timmy Mallett were on hand to judge the best fancy dress dipper. The trophy was won by young Ella Griffiths, dressed as none other than Timmy Mallett himself.
Hundreds wearing fancy dress and holding inflatables ran into the North Sea at Aberdeen for the Lions Club's Nippy Dipper event.
She said: "Anyone can take part and the aim is to help people raise money for charity - not our charity, whatever the dipper wants to help."
Ian Dipper, South Durham Education Coordinator and Football Scholarship Coach, said: "We are delighted to launch our futsal scholarship which will give those with a passion for sport another pathway to progress into their chosen career.
Quantimetrix has announced the launch of the Dipper POCT Single-Use Liquid Urinalysis Dipstick Control.
Featuring a group of nearly naked dancers getting wet and soapy at a car wash, the video for Big Dipper's new rap single "Lookin" might not sound unusualuntil you understand that all the dancers are men.