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Synonyms for dipped

having abnormal sagging of the spine (especially in horses)

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The ancient obediently dipped his paddle and started pottering an erratic course in the general direction of the cluster of lights that marked the Makambo.
Then everybody shouted and tried to haul up his anchor to get among the school, and fouled his neighbour's line and said what was in his heart, and dipped furiously with his dip-net, and shrieked cautions and advice to his companions, while the deep fizzed like freshly opened soda-water, and cod, men, and whales together flung in upon the luckless bait.
Sparkles of light showed Riderhood when and where the rower dipped his blades, until, even as he stood idly watching, the sun went down and the landscape was dyed red.
He raised his head and came back, wet from head to foot, but with the lower parts of his sleeves, where he had dipped into the river, streaming water.
And Bashti's withered ancient hand, the back of it netted with a complex of large up-standing veins from which the flesh had shrunk away, dipped out a huge pistol of such remote vintage that one of Cromwell's round- heads might well have carried it or that it might well have voyaged with Quiros or La Perouse.
"When Johnson writes tragedy," said Garrick, "'declamation roars and passion sleeps':* when Shakespeare wrote, he dipped the pen in his own heart." Garrick did what he could with the play, but it was a failure, and although Johnson continued to believe that it was good, he wrote no more tragedies.
The underground vegetables including carrots, turnips and radish must be dipped in water before its usage.
Anne Davison, one of the founders of the charity, said at this New Year's Day dip: "Twenty years ago we dipped our toes in the water to start up this charity and today we are doing the same, but in the sea!
However, BWMB's chief operating officer Mark Powell warned that farmers wanted to maximise returns on their wool should avoid buy bloom dipped sheep.
Clearly the package has been dipped to an excessive depth in the paste dip unit.