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the moment of a dipole

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'Finding a measureable electric dipole moment would provide physicists with important data for not only solving this mystery but also revising the Standard Model,' said Dietrich.
This spontaneous electric dipole moment can be repeatedly transitioned between two or more equivalent states or directions upon application of an external electric field -- a property utilised in numerous ferroelectric technologies, for example nano-electronic computer memory, RFID cards, medical ultrasound transducers, infrared cameras, submarine sonar, vibration and pressure sensors, and precision actuators.
The results of other calculations: dipole moment (DM), global electrophilicity (I), sum of the total negative charge (TNC) and sum of electronic and zero-point energies (SEZPE) can be seen in Table-1.
Due to the important application of dipole moment in the research of polarizability and the first hyperpolarizability, the [mu] of Tetrabromophenol blue and Bromoxylenol blue is calculated to be 3.9514 D and 9.0229 D, respectively, and [[mu].sub.x] is the dipole moment component perpendicular to the direction Ti[O.sub.2] surface, and they are 1.3838 D and 0.6012 D, respectively.
The modified electric field induces a new dipole moment, which again induces a new electric field as follows:
The high value of dipole moment of such compound (12) is suitable for the high difference in electronegativity inside the compound.
* However, for the polar molecules the lubricity does not correlate well with the group dipole moment.
Pauling [20] describes that a molecule has electric dipole moment if its center of positive charge does not coincide with its center of negative charge.
Heckel, "Reduced limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of [sup.199]Hg," Physical Review Letters, vol.
The inhibition efficiencies are obtained by different quantum chemical parameters as the energy of the frontier orbital, charge densities, Dipole moment and so forth.
The AOT treatment vessel functions by creating an electrical field across a grid pack to create a dipole moment within particulate matter suspended within the crude oil, such as asphaltenes and paraffins, causing molecular conformation, which reduces fluid viscosity.
When a polarizable blood cell (or particle) is exposed to an electric field, the particle polarizes, giving rise to an induced dipole moment (18).
Fierlinger's team currently is developing an experiment to determine the charge distribution in neutrons--referred to by physicists as the electric dipole moment.