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an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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For the antenna pattern, two cases were analyzed--the unmounted dipole and car mounted dipole antenna (see Figure 2), constituting a full 3D simulation package.
If all the antenna elements are considered to be half wavelength dipoles, then the total radiation pattern of this symmetric linear dipole antenna array can be written with the help of pattern multiplication theorem [1] as follows:
The equvalent human body matterial (in liquid or jell) put in it and a dipole antenna as an exposer source situates in for example 5mm (according to IEC66209) of it.
A planar dipole antenna is designed as the basic antenna resonating as lower band with omni-directional radiation pattern.
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C show the results of E-field strength for PIFA and Dipole antenna respectively.
2 Gravitational radiation from an electric dipole antenna
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The product is an Ethernet wired or wireless solution with a built in wireless dipole antenna and Wi-Fi card.
The radio comes with an AC/DC adapter, FM dipole antenna, AM loop antenna, a print user manual and a CD with a voice recording of user guide.
This 1/2-wave dipole antenna delivers higher gain than a standard whip antenna, increasing the range and reliability of wireless links.
The wireless option transmits monitored modbus data up to 10 miles with a high gain mast mounted antenna or 3,000 feet with the standard dipole antenna.