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an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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The major significance of this article is that, although the electric dipole antenna is not made up of massive compact bodies, the generation of gravitational radiation has been shown theoretically.
Figures 4.A to 4.C and 5.A to 5.C show the results of E-field strength for PIFA and Dipole antenna respectively.
A diamond dipole antenna (Figure 3(a)) has been designed to be incorporated with a textile AMC waveguide jacket.
Han, "Full-wavelength dipole antenna on a GaAs membrane covered by a frequency selective surface for a Terahertz photomixer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Our simple local remapping algorithm reduces topology size caused by dipole antenna and as a result energy efficiency is increased.
Sawaya, "Broad beamwidth and cross polarization free dipole antennas with reactive loaded monopoles," IEEE Trans.
The simple method is to introduce a cavity-backed structure located below a dipole antenna. A composite cavity was placed below the elliptical bowtie dipole to realize the unidirectional radiation in [7].
Chiu, "Ultrawideband printed log-periodic dipole antenna with multiple notched bands," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol.
Then, they applied those expressions in the modelling of the dipole antenna [7].
For a wide strip dipole antenna as that shown in Figure 7, the gap made to apply a voltage source excitation should have its length equal to the width of the strip dipole.
The text includes illustrations and appendices on ESA history, a glossary, the use of metamaterial shells to improve the electrical performance of small dipole antenna, and a solution for the two-interface problem of resolution in Veselago's lens.
Although the measured antenna performance is shifted to a higher frequency for both the 900 and 1800 MHz bands, the antenna patterns of the realized chip antenna are very close to the omnidirectional pattern of a dipole antenna at 900 and 1800 MHz.
NIST data indicates that tuned dipole antenna factors can be determined to within [less than or equal to]0.5 dB and biconical antenna factors [less than or equal to]3 dB.
The basic SERAT concept is an array of dual-polarized dipole antenna elements whose dimensions can be altered with photonically-activated RF switches.