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Synonyms for diplopia

visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects

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Distal diplopic image belonging to the under-acting eye
Suppression checks were added by placing a pen between the patient and the Snellen chart and ensuring that the pen appeared diplopic while the patient viewed the Snellen chart.
Visual fatigue is manifested through symptoms felt in the struggle of the visual analyzer to clarify the picture by more or less effective adjusting, perception of color breakdown, diplopic, vertigo, disturbance of assessing spatial relationships.
No idea How that double image, Your eye's inbuilt double exposure Which was the projection Of your two-way heart's diplopic error, The body of the ghost and me the blurred see-through Came into single focus, Sharp-edged, stark as a target, Set up like a decoy Against that freezing sea From which your dead father had just crawled.
Presentation of a stimulus could result in various perceptions: The stimulus could appear fused as soon as it was displayed, it could be fused after a time of diplopia, or it could remain diplopic for the whole time of presentation.