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"I heard a noise and I came out," answered the diplomatist, and his face was too dark in the shadow for its expression to be read.
"Let us hope we shall find him as happily employed," remarked the diplomatist. "In that case the voice must have come out of the wood."
Douglas Hurd, a great diplomatist himself, is said to have described the ideal diplomat as someone able first to listen, then to form a view and finally to express it.
But Bevan, the red-hot socialist, turned out to be a realist and diplomatist. He began by wooing the top hospital doctors, the consultants.
The Author gave proof of his competence of land historian, paleographer, diplomatist and publisher, doing much for the history of the province of Caserta.
For decades, beginning in the 1960s, most discussion surrounded Wilson's failures as a diplomatist and statesman.
In an article written for Washington-based magazine The Diplomatist, Li Hongmei, a Visiting Scholar at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, has warned that deteriorating relations between Washington and Islamabad could have three major negative impactful effects for Beijing.
It's as if he momentarily forgot he was living in the post-war world of superpowers and atomic weapons and somehow imagined he was Lord Palmerston, the Victorian gunboat diplomatist who did indeed once send a fleet of gunboats to bring a recalcitrant Egyptian ruler to heel.
The qualities of the diplomatist and the knowledge necessary to him cannot indeed all be acquired.
(3) See Prior's biography by Charles Kenneth Eves, Matthew Prior: Poet and Diplomatist (Columbia U.
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary diplomatist, 1(1), 82-83.
He also added, in Bismarck's defense, that "it will be seen that it was directed exclusively against Prince Gortschakoff, in no way against Russia, and I did not think there is a single diplomatist in Europe who would have needed to read it to know what were the sentiments of the two Chancellors with regard to one another." In other words, Blowitz was arguing that the accusation that he had been motivated by a desire to sow dissent between Berlin and St.
Peter Parker, M.D.: Missionary, Physician, and Diplomatist; The Father of Medical Missions and Founder of the Ophthalmic Hospital in Canton.
With Jinnah, Mountbatten had six meetings in one month (April 47) to convince him of the virtue of undivided India." Viceroy used all his tactics, political sharpness, motivation and diplomatist sagacity to convince Jinnah for a United India but no promise could move the Muslim leader an inch from his goal.
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