diplomatic pouch

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a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office

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Passports that bestow special privileges -- immunity from prosecution and diplomatic pouches -- are increasingly being bought by dubious business people.
The boxes were delivered via German diplomatic pouch. The Polish intelligence service received the money, and the CIA received a secret prison aACAo a remote villa in the Polish lake district aACAo to interrogate al-Qaeda suspects, the Voice of Russia reported.
SPO regularly received copies of classified reports from our embassies in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union telegrams as well as dispatches that came via the diplomatic pouch and it was my job to leak selected contents to Western correspondents in Vienna, after having duly "sanitized" them by deleting references to embassy sources and other information whose confidentiality had to be protected.
Many local people will remember that when Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in August 2009, Israel was the first foreign country to help flood victims in central and southern Taiwan by providing water-purifying and -filtration equipment delivered to the island via diplomatic pouch. Gamzou himself showed his concern by helping the victims clean away mud, setting up tents for survivors, and doing whatever else he could to assist.
Sudan said the BBC had tried to smuggle in satellite equipment in a diplomatic pouch, that it was working in South Sudan without permission from the central authorities and that the BBC's charitable arm was working in the country without the correct permits.
The petition was sent via diplomatic pouch from the Vatican Embassy.
Parcels bound via diplomatic pouch for the German legation in Bern, Switzerland, had never been searched before.
A spokesman said it arrived in the diplomatic pouch, like the ones received in Lithuania.
A further request to meet with the bishops at their plenary meeting in 1986 to present an additional 2,500 signatures was denied, but because of the generosity and pastoral guidance of Archbishop Angelo Palmas, the Papal Pro-Nuncio in Ottawa, the signatures were dispatched by diplomatic pouch to the Holy Father.
I hear that when the Foreign Secretary travels abroad the only papers he regularly receives in the diplomatic pouch are those relating to his own department - AND anything connected with Scotland.
Implicated in the case were an ex-official from the Peruvian government, an ex-police colonel, and the Panamanian general consul in New York, who used a diplomatic pouch to get the piece into the United States.
We later sent Sakharov a copy by diplomatic pouch and were gratified when we again called and he said he would sign it.
The package made its way to Washington via a diplomatic pouch. Penkovsky waited.
Toward stronger development partnership with the Philippines !-- -- DIPLOMATIC POUCH - Han Dong-Man (The Philippine Star) - February 28, 2019 - 12:00am During President Duterte's visit to Korea last June, he and Korean President Moon Jae-in declared 2019 ndash the70th anniversary ofthe establishment ofPhilippines-Koreadiplomatic relationsndash as "A year of mutual exchange." As part of the exchange of high-level officials between the two countries,Ms.
At the close of UNCTAD III Conference in Santiago, Chile, in 1972, the head of delegation Undersecretary Manuel Collantes gave instructions to dispatch posthaste via special diplomatic pouch the report of the Philippine delegation together with important UNCTAD documents.