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Marja Verloop, the US envoy's representative in the Board, said during the April 2 meeting that progress had been made in the diplomatic negotiations between the US and India.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham deplored Obama's remarks, saying, "Part of the US president's remarks contradicts the principles of the international law and goes counter to the spirit of the diplomatic negotiations that necessitate avoiding unconstructive slogans and resorting to threats."
Hill (national security strategy, National War College, and head of OSCE Mission to Moldova) explores the diplomatic negotiations with Russia and previously Soviet Moldova to explain the abrupt and significant change in Russian foreign policy.
The myth reinforced the propensity for intransigence and has infected diplomatic negotiations, not just between the great powers but between others - as with Japan and China and Iran and the US today.
Abe responded, "In diplomatic negotiations, it is most important to build consensus through close talks on politics and economy."
"It's not going to be a NATO tomorrow," the New York Times quoted an unnamed "senior administration official," who indicated that diplomatic negotiations are already under way, "but the idea is to move to a more integrated effort."
in Egypt, revealed that diplomatic negotiations are currently taking place to
Yawar considered the Problem to be "political and not military, that is why it can be settled through diplomatic negotiations among all parties," expressing "readiness by the Kurdistan government to help carrying any diplomatic dialogue to settle the crisis," saying that "dozens of years of fighting did not achieve any important result."
Bank Mandiri was allowed to have a branch in Shanghai in January 2011 after long diplomatic negotiations. So far only three Indonesian banks--BNI, Bank Mandiri and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)--all state lenders- have branches abroad.
Each 26-minute episode will be divided in two parts, the first dedicated to cultural and sports activities, while the second will focus on diplomatic negotiations. During debating sessions, participants will be supervised by an Israeli and a Palestinian adjudicator, who will be on hand to offer political and/or historical tips, as requested.
JCCC was evaluated by the conference on the following criteria: representing Nigeria's policy in a manner consistent with economic, social and geopolitical constraints; diplomatic negotiations skills; and proper use of rules of procedure.
WASHINGTON, D.C., Apr 15, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Wednesday, in regard to possible sanctions against Iran, the issue of Iran should be resolved by diplomatic negotiations rather than by military means or economic sanction.
Referring to the regional and international ties between the two countries, Mottaki said that Iran and Turkmenistan had remarkable cooperation in the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and UN, adding that the cooperation could enter new phases through diplomatic negotiations.Akca Nurberdiyeva, for her part, asked for Iran's cooperation in energy, IT, technology, communications, trade, energy and agriculture sectors.
Mr Obama's predecessor George Bush refused to hold talks with America's enemies, but the new administration has made it clear diplomatic negotiations could take place with those countries.
The documents on diplomatic negotiations between Seoul and Tokyo held in the late 1970s showed South Korea refused to meet Japan's demand, saying South Koreans with permanent residency had no basis to make a living in South Korea.