diplomatic immunity

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exemption from taxation or normal processes of law that is offered to diplomatic personnel in a foreign country

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The French country has not respected the Vienna Convention that grants diplomatic immunity to Teodoro Nguema Obiang, and has not respected the diplomatic status of the building that houses the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Paris and that France had tried to seize.
Assange fears without the safety of the diplomatic immunity, the looming threat of extradition by the U.
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stressed that the FBI was planning to search the general consulate premises, including homes of the diplomatic staff, which would violate diplomatic immunity.
But they failed to charge the first lady after President Robert Mugabe's government claimed diplomatic immunity on her behalf.
What is likely to happen is that she will be allowed to go back home, and then we announce that we've granted diplomatic immunity and wait for somebody to challenge us.
The government of St Lucia confirmed it has received a request from the UK to grant a waiver of the diplomatic immunity of Dr Walid Juffali, a Saudi citizen with St Lucia diplomatic status, to answer a claim for additional financial relief in the high court in London from his ex wife, whom he had divorced in Saudi Arabia.
In ruling on a slander case against Chinese national Jeffrey Liang, at the time an economist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Supreme Court said the Department of Foreign Affairs' (DFA) grant of diplomatic immunity had no binding effect in courts.
Jose said China had already invoked diplomatic immunity, as its right under the United Nations' Vienna Convention.
The Islamic Republic terms diplomatic immunity for troops a colonialist demand intended to allow American forces to attack and maim citizens of other countries at will.
The trio were not arrested over the incident since they have diplomatic immunity but police have proceeded with a case against them.
3) Some scholars estimate that, each year, individuals with diplomatic immunity commit thousands of crimes around the world.
According to the BBC, the re-indictment comes two days after a US judge threw out virtually identical charges on the grounds that Khobragade had diplomatic immunity.
On Wednesday, Judge Shira Scheindlin had granted Khobragade's motion to dismiss the earlier indictment based on her argument that she had full diplomatic immunity when she was first charged on January 9.
4) In concluding that diplomatic immunity shields the employer from such suits, judges have relied almost exclusively on policy statements submitted by the State Department in the form of "Statements of Interest.
Summary: Lebanon's former security services director may be given diplomatic immunity from prosecution as special UN tribunal considers the Hariri case.