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a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in

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giganteus were collected using dip nets from a pier in Friday Harbor, Washington, by AFSC scientists.
Fountain darters were in 100% of our dip nets within patches of Rhizoclonium (53 fountain darters), 67% of our dip nets within patches of L.
MYSTERY MUD Shannon sorts through the material collected in her dip net, picking out the hidden macro-invertebrates from the mud and grasses.
One of us would then hold a little dip net over the mouth of the burrow, while the other would jump up and down on the bank until the muskrat would squirt out into the net.
For gathering emergers, adults, or spinners from the surface or a foot or so under, you'll need a dip net or a small seine that fits over your landing net.
I obtained samples with a 25-cm diameter fine-mesh dip net and preserved them in 10% formalin.
This study was undertaken to examine the relative abundance of the two species of Gambusia between environments exhibiting different configurations of aquatic vegetation (primarily Chara) by use of dip net samples.
Megalopae in the surface were sampled from a small boat (6 m) by holding a dip net (36 cm x 36 cm X 2-mm-mesh; equivalent to a neuston net) just below the water surface and pushing it through the center of a front for 2.5 min at idle speed.
A ring or noose around their necks is just tight enough to prevent the birds from swallowing big fish, which are scooped up with a long-handled dip net along with the string-leashed, highly motivated cormorant, which is kept hungry and rewarded with tiny morsels it can swallow.
"They're a little wary of this net," says Cole, who lunges with a long-handled dip net at one cornered fish attempting to elude capture.
* Ranger Rick's Summer Fun Book * nature journal * pencil, colored pencils, waterproof markers * resealable plastic bags * binoculars * flashlight * field guides * strainer or dip net * clear plastic containers with lids * hand lens (or magnifying glass) * small paintbrush Let an adult know where you're going.
We seined up minnows and hellgrammites and used a dip net to land prized "mad Tom" catfish minnows, a wonderful bait for smallmouth bass.
If the lakeshore is ice-free, you simply stand in the 33[deg.] water wearing waders and holding your dip net until a dense school of females darts by, heading toward shore.
Use a dip net to bring them aboard for some bonus bait inventory.
Whether you use a dip net, trap or hand line baited with a raw chicken leg, you won't catch any sweeter seafood.