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an oxide containing two atoms of oxygen in the molecule

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Then, as now, the EPA did not regulate carbon dioxide as an air pollutant, nor did the federal government require industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
2] injection is combined with sequestration, the carbon dioxide released at the wellhead is captured and re-injected into the reservoir.
The same factors influenced the AOX formation in the case of birch and spruce, but the birch pulps gave higher levels of both total AOX and stable AOX for a given charge of chlorine dioxide.
The project allows the company to meet new government-legislated emission requirements for 2006 which prohibits the company from emitting any more than 265 kilotonnes of sulfer dioxide annually.
Methane traps 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide.
Many scientists fear that accumulating carbon dioxide is trapping the sun's heat, contributing to global warming and leading to a host of unpredictable climate changes.
The latter use releases carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere, but since it replaces the use of fossil fuels, it represents recycling rather than a new net carbon addition to the atmosphere.
In addition to the analytical part, the report provides a range of tables and figures which all together give a true insight into the national, regional and global markets for titanium dioxide.
Poison ivy in enhanced carbon dioxide didn't just grow.
This process begins with carbon fixation and is initiated when carbon dioxide in the air diffuses into the leaves of plants and into spaces between photosynthetic cells.
TIP 0607-12 "Vapor pressure of water and sulfur dioxide above sodium bisulfite solutions (25[degrees]C)"
One team of paleontologists (scientists who study prehistoric life through fossils) think they've solved the mystery of the biggest mass extinction of all time: Carbon dioxide ([CO.
com/research/fc7185/production_and_con) has announced the addition of the "Production and Consumption Situation of Titanium Dioxide in China" report to their offering.
As ordinary citizens wring their hands over global warming from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, scientists are wringing new chemical insights from the usually gaseous compound.
Concluded the Tribune: "Environmental activists likely will sue the EPA to force the agency to regulate carbon dioxide.