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a granular crystalline intrusive rock

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(8) Highly weathered diorite: medium to dense and the average thickness of 1.7 m
Statue of King Ramesses II: Housed in Gallery 2, this striking four-ton Diorite statue of an Egyptian king is impossible to miss.
Small tonalitic to dioritic bodies (Mill Brook quartz diorite and related plutons) occur along the margins of these large plutons.
We report the finding of diorite and gabbro boulders in Quaternary debris accumulated along the banks of several valleys located in the northern half of the study region.
Colleagues, former students, and other cuneiform scholars present 21 papers (12 in English) on such topics as a new piece of an Inanna/Dumuzi lamentation, a Sumerian perspective on diorite and limestone, slaves and strangers, two lullabies, the "Stars of Heaven" and cuneiform writing, the rejected sheep, the Sumerian debate poems, early dynastic Kis tradition, the ear and its wisdom, and dream-realities in ancient Mesopotamia from the third to the first millennium BC.
The diorite sill invades along the number 5 coal seam in the western Haizi Mine, 6.5 km long with a persistent thickness of 120 m [4].
It usually contains little or no quartz and has the same composition as diorite. The texture of andesite is generally porphyritic, with phenocrysts of feldspar and ferromagnesian minerals.
The rock types of the basement, according Adamu (1991), are medium to coarse grained granite, undifferentiated schist, gneisses, granite gneisses, fine grained biotites and biotites-hornblende granite, quartz monzonite, quartz diorite and granodiorites.
The lithology of intrusive rocks consists of gabbro, diorite, quartz diorite, granodiorite, biotite granite and leucogranite.
Pakistan has enormous wealth of decorative and building stones such as granites, diorite, dunite, tanatite, pyroxenite, serpentite, gabbro, onyx, marble of different shades, recrystallized limestone, fossiliferrous limestone, sand stone, magnesium sandstones etc.
At the Mabel Jenny North target, approximately 1.25 km east of the Prince of Wales target, a significant zone of sulphide bearing biotite hornfels within Knob Hill Formation sediments was intersected adjacent to an intensely propylitic altered diorite in drillhole 10CM06, yielding 0.32 g/t Au and 0.49 g/t Ag over 18.0 m core length (Table 1).
German archaeologist Walter Andrae discovered the 1.37 meter tall (about four foot) diorite stone torso in 1905 and it was put on display from 1926 in the Berlin Royal Museum.
German archaeologist Walter Andrae discovered the 1.37 metre tall (about four foot) diorite stone torso in 1905 and it was put on display from 1926 in the Berlin Royal Museum.
Among the missing are the diorite statue of Entemena and almost 5,000 cylinder seals.