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The only possible dinosaurian ichnites from the Red Head Member are functionally tridactyl or even didactyl tracks with an unusually elongate digit IV and an apparent trenchant claw on digit II assigned to the ichnogenus Evazoum (Lockley and Lucas 2013; Fig.
The rocks of Lameta Formation have been worked out in detail by earlier workers in the context of their depositional environments and the occurrence of dinosaurian remains within them Ample literature is also available on the various aspects related to the Deccan volcanic activity, however the nature of contact between the Lameta Formation and Deccan Traps has not been clearly documented and needs an in depth investigation, which can certainly provide answers to the topical issues of Cretaceous--Tertiary transition and mass extinctions.
It's a missing link that has the advanced characters of birds and undeniable dinosaurian characters as well," he says.
Until detractors of the dinosaurian hypothesis of bird origins either more convincingly explain away substantial and increasing character support linking nonavian theropods and birds or find substantial support linking birds with a nondinosaurian taxon, the dinosaurian hypothesis for the origin of birds will remain for good reason the most viable explanation of the data.
With his Yasser Arafat beard and an outfit that made him look more like the manager of a dinosaurian rock band than the head of a billion-dollar enterprise, Phil Knight was the quintessential high-powered Oregonian -- charming, casual, absolutely no sense of self-importance.
Artist and author James Gurney created his first book of dinosaurian adventures--Dinotopia--in 1992.
This exacerbates one of the most obvious conundrums facing the theory of a dinosaurian origin of birds,'' the scientists wrote.
What the French do not understand is that American publishers and media do not treat serious American authors any better than they do foreign writers, the exception with the Americans being either "the darling of the moment" or well-established dinosaurian figures like John Updike.
Revealing dinosaurian shortsightedness, most utilities require IPPs to provide two meters, buying kilowatts for a pittance and selling them next door for four times as much.
New observations on Paluxy tracks confirm their Dinosaurian origin.
Did these giant forms filling their space on sand, like dinosaurian blocks, fill an absence in Hopper as well?
Perhaps because he believes all hands are needed on deck to forestall an extinction spasm of dinosaurian proportions, Wilson doesn't come down hard on the corporations and governments that have allowed the crisis to build.
Later, Lapparent and Zbyszewski (1957) reported turtle remains and crocodile teeth and bones, as well as dinosaurian remains.
Possible alternative explanations are that the small reptile bone was deliberately ingested for nutrients (Esque and Peters 1994; White 2011), or that the bone was accidentally associated with the dinosaurian remains (Fedak 2007).
All modern birds lack teeth, but early birds such as Archaeopteryx had teeth inherited from their non-bird, dinosaurian ancestors.