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a table service for serving dinner


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They look around their houses and see that they already have the dinner service, the duvet set and the coffee-maker.
Because the dinner service had to offer a choice of dishes, it was open to exploitation by the unhealthy eaters.
Full dinner services now included meat dishes, vegetable dishes, soup tureens, sauceboats, dinner plates, soup bowls and side plates.
Now that casual is the new formal and bolognese has replaced roast pheasant, seldom do we have the need for the dinner service which was the traditional wedding gift or family heirloom put so lovingly away for special occasions.
We were going to antiques fairs to pick up items, and a lot of our friends used to ask us to look out for pieces of china for their dinner service.
Chinasearch can supply anything - from a single piece to a complete dinner service - and they can match or search for most discontinued patterns manufactured during the past century.
dinner services and porcelain; glass; serving and decoration objects; table cloths and cutlery; kitchen equipment/tools; measuring equipment.
The origins of the ceramic dinner service date back to the early 14th Century when Chinese potters were producing bowls and dishes of incredible sophistication.
THERE aren't many dinner services you can buy for under pounds 50, but just pounds 36 will get you a set of six dinner plates, side plates and mugs in this cool retro Square Ribbed design from Matalan.
Visitors to the fair can also buy from a multitude of items from fine china, full dinner services and tea sets to factory clearance goods and objets d'art.