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TOKEN: The silver dinner service presented to Peter Greenall by the people of St Helens
A spokesman for the auction house said: "It was just a single porcelain plate but very beautiful and marked on the reverse as part of an Imperial Russian dinner service from the reign of Nicholas II.
The dinner service items, used by him and his family when they lived at the property between 1862 and 1881, fetched pounds 540.
In addition, a small number of dinner service patrons engaged in abusive and destructive behavior - including threatening businesses' employees and customers, vandalism, fighting, drunkenness and leaving trash around the area.
We were going to antiques fairs to pick up items, and a lot of our friends used to ask us to look out for pieces of china for their dinner service.
A MAGNIFICENT part-gilded dinner service is to go on display for the first time in Liverpool as part of a major new Titanic exhibition.
The company is offering various classes of service including three-course lunch and dinner service on its Colorado Wine Trains, which will be renamed as Wine Lunch and Dinner Trains.
But the presentation turned out to be a sales pitch and Christine ended up paying pounds 2,941 for a 60-piece dinner service.
The silver dinner service owned by former MP and landowner Sir WatkinWilliams-Wynn was probably the most celebrated of the late18th century.
Then there's the discovery of the dinner service in the attic, with its curious pattern of floral owls.
IT IS Royal Doulton's Italian pattern, and must have come from a tea or dinner service.
Helen Rush, of Chinasearch, in Kenilworth, provided a 100 piece blue-and-white dinner service used in the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
A stained glass window panel and a dinner service from a Tyneside landmark are to be sold at auction.
Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, which has expanded into a full dinner service bistro and bar, continues its breakfast and lunch service.
Because the dinner service had to offer a choice of dishes, it was open to exploitation by the unhealthy eaters.