dinner bell

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a bell rung to announce that dinner has been served

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Its head moved as Tess moved, sizing up the little setter wearing her own dinner bell.
So let's be clear right up front--if you arrive at Main Street Cafe just as the dinner bell rings, you may have to shop around for a table.
They say most of the frightening bear/human contacts on Kodiak come after a shot is fired because the sound is like a dinner bell to the bear.
When the family moved away, they failed to pack a few things: their alarm clock, dinner bell, bed warmer and back massager.
You have a dinner bell mounted on an oak model of a ship's wheel.
On this not-so-legendary meetings of the minds, the dim-witted, Disney-bred divas boast how they can strut their stuff like a dinner bell for horny guys and don't need a man to rock their world.
My thinking on scoring these silent comedies is that the music serves in two ways: it could underline specific actions with a telling phrase or create by musical means sound effects, a hit on the head, a gunshot, or a dinner bell.
It's a dinner bell to slugs, who will fall in and drown.
Perry warned against those who see Combs' rosy forecast as "the equivalent of ringing the dinner bell.
They also don't bother the neighbors at all, who are in fact hoping they will over hear the dinner bell when the time comes.
Using 230-grain Remington ball, I was able to ring the 6" plate at 25 yards like a dinner bell, all afternoon.
Although climate change has rung the dinner bell for hungry beetles, the author suggests, human arrogance has surely set the table.
When the dinner bell rang, horses would immediately try to head for the barn.
And when the dinner bell clangs, insert the standard cockpit table.