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wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia

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Wildlife researcher Ben Allen said dingoes were treated well on Fraser Island, compared to other places across Australia, and that could be fuelling their emboldened behaviour.
"It's pretty horrific to hear something like that come over the phone and we just wanted to get there to be able to help... They said that the main dingo was surrounded by others."
The pair combined to land the 2013 Scottish Grand National w i t h G o d s m e j u d g e , a n d Hutc hinson, who has been attached to King's stable since 2002, reckons Dingo Dollar has excellent prospects of following in his footsteps.
Dingo Sandbags aim is to inspire as many people as possible to reach their peak physical condition by engaging them into programs that utilise effective training tools and methods.
The basic chassis for the Dingo is the world famous commercially available Mercedes-Benz Daimler Unimog design.
"Honey the Dixie Dingo Dog--Champion of the Strays" is a heartwarming story for family reading and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Mesopredator release is thought to operate extensively in Australia in areas where the top predator Dingo is rare or absent, resulting in higher mesopredator populations and predation rates (Johnson et al.
He added that, through the divestment, the company will be able to avoid the development costs for the Dingo field amounting to AUD20m and to close its Brisbane office, thus cutting general and administrative expense by between AUD2m and AUD3m per year.
Engineers believe the path ahead between two scarps referred to as "Dingo Gap" will be kinder on the rover's 50cm-diameter wheels.
They also produced genomes for two dog breeds: a basenji, a breed which originates in central Africa, and a dingo from Australia, both areas that have been historically isolated from modern wolf populations.
The other action in the Scoop6 is at Newcastle where the Spider believes DINGO BAY could double up in the 2.50 having won the event last year.
If all goes well and regulatory filings are approved in a timely mariner, Magellan's Dingo field in Australia may begin delivering gas to the Northern Territory Power and Water Corporation in 2015.
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