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a small wooded hollow


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When the rest of the Dingle clan get wind of a party, they decide to don their glad rags and go, too, leaving Samson and Noah with Chas.
Since then it's been home to dozens of Dingles and their partners, including the dearly departed likes of Shadrach, Alice and Butch, plus Mandy, Marlon, Debbie, Tina, Sam, Samson and animals Alfie the dog and Hamish the pony.
Jeff Hordley, who plays the Dales bad boy, has revealed that the Dingles are set on wrecking the romance because his new love is an ex-copper.
The Dingles were squatters who blackmailed the Tates for the gaff.
After discovering he has an inoperable tumour, the Dingles decided to have their loveable pet put down in last night's episode.
There's not much incentive for Dr Bailey to stay in Emmerdale - the Dingles keep beating him up, his wife has left him and the Hotten Courier has exposed him as a sexual predator.
But these photographs feature The Dingles, running from Highfield Road to Brook Lane in Hall Green.
Most publishers would be put off by trying to find enough Dingles who can read or write to make it profitable.
It's Alice's funeral today - a typical Dingle affair with drum-banging, ribbons, and the coffin pulled by Hamish, the Dingles' pony.
IN Emmerdale (ITV), it hasn't been a great year for the Dingles.
IF YOU ever wondered what went wrong with soap's most dysfunctional family, The Dingles Down Under (ITV) gave us a clue.
I think I saw tears in those eyes when I told him I was going to Kerry for the famous Dingle Peninsula Food Festival, when the pretty town comes together to toast all that is wonderful in Irish cuisine.
ere were street markets, with the quaint Dingle lanes lined with stalls oering everything from Irish chorizo to hawthornberry syrup (good for the heart, apparently) from independent artisan producers who are celebrated at the weekend's National Irish Food Awards, a culmination of 2,000 products blind-tested across 90 categories.
Steve Halliwell Image: Quintessential Yorkshire-dwelling scoundrel Best known for: Playing Zak Dingle in Emmerdale Early life: Despite playing a Yorkshireman for much of his career, Steve was born in Bury, Lancashire, on March 21, 1954.