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Synonyms for dinginess

discoloration due to dirtiness


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But any dinginess has been replaced by a brighter, more chic design which makes the whole feel place more spacious and welcoming.
Yet buried grudges bubble to the surface, and the legacy of the family's bitter acrimony is acutely evident twenty years later, in the year 2000, when the dinginess of the formerly opulent apartment reveals how severely the family fortunes have declined.
1a) shows the wear, dirt, and dinginess associated with a quire that went without a protective cover, and the last folio of the quire (fol.
You can certainly correct some of the dinginess on the right with brightness and contrast adjustments, but the Matrox frame is much sharper as well.
The redesign of the fences has made the race a safer and fairer test, while the rebuilt stands are a world away from the dinginess and decrepitude that characterised the Aintree I first knew in the 1960s.
It regards democratic openness with the same horror that high status characters view dinginess and the working class.
The two chapters of The Innocents Abroad (1869) that discuss Constantinople focus on beggars and stray dogs, while the overall impression of the city, in Twain's words was that of "dirt and dust and dinginess and gloom" (Innocents 271).
Deprived of her capital, her good reputation, her status, she dies in a way she has most feared: surrounded by dinginess.
Roof leaks, overflowing sinks, tobacco smoke and big spills can all leave ugly ceiling stains or dinginess that is impossible to conceal with plain old paint.
Tonight, he's back with his co-host Christine Bleakley to see us through January dinginess with the last-ever series of Dancing On Ice, so we found out how the festivities went chez Schofield, what's in store for 2014, and more about the 51-year-old's naughty side (although really don't mention his age if you know what's good for you)
As if she was embarrassed by her brother's dinginess, his refusal to just grow up.
We're still insecure enough about our Japanese food knowledge that we need reassurances of authenticity, like dinginess or crowds of salarymen in a cloud of smoke.
Grimy places where, years ago, hands pulled at the covers, spots and stains from a decade or more of lying dormant in heat and humidity, and a dinginess that comes of age only made them more interesting.
In that case, the researchers hypothesized, feeling disgust might make people more sensitive to impurities in the color white, which would indicate dinginess or dirt.
It was cold outside, but *'d rather see northern lights in the frigid outdoors than a 40-watt bulb and wall-to-wall dinginess inside, with the heater either projectile vomiting British Thermal Units or doing nothing at all.