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Synonyms for dingily

in a dingy manner

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SalVage BBC1 11.55PM PREMIERE (Wales: 12.35am; Scotland: 1am; Not N Ireland) Christmas Eve is ruined as Neve McIntosh deals with bloody hysteria in a Crazies rip-off, dingily shot in a leafy cul-de-sac on a Brookside budget.
(5) Such a figure, Minerva disguised as Mentor, plays the role of invisible guardian (our narrator's counterpart) in a heroic action dingily depicted on an interior wall of the pension: "Le surplus des parois est tendu d'un papier verni representant les principales scenes de Telemaque....
Lenser Stuart Dryburgh, whose work with Jane Campion in particular has been so outstanding, lights the locations dingily. A drab, limited palette is deployed to no great effect, hampering the efforts of costume designer Sandy Powell, whose outfits, made almost entirely from sewn-together zippers, nevertheless add a contempo edge, imaginatively reworking a recent trend in high fashion deployed by Balmain, among others.
One that is famous for its firm grasp of the deeply esoteric, not the dingily erotic.
The City Council's main chamber has a dingily ornate feel.