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a silly empty-headed person

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So, Lieut Dingbat is pushing through a Welfare Reform Bill.
Dingbats switch on their fog lamps during a light drizzle and blind you.
Sooy Type Foundry, offering Multiple Master, text, display and dingbat fonts
Zapf Dingbats Of these 10,000 have a serious problem, but only 1,000 are in treatment.
On the page shown, the box at the top, the "&" sign, the numbers in the table of contents, the dingbats, the subheads in the body copy, and the date and page number at the bottom of the page use the second color: for this issue, red.
f=Zapf Dingbats f-b f-iof=Swis721 BT f+b f-iSingle-minded Piazza:o Mike Piazza is hitting .
fZapf Dingbats f-b f-iofSwis721 BT f+b f-iIn other NIT games:o Nebraska got 19 points from Erick Strickland to beat Colorado State 91-83 in Fort Collins, Colo.
fZapf Dingbats f-b f-iofSwis721 BT f+b f-iBuena 5, Newbury Park 2:o In a losing cause, Jake Farrel and Chris Thogersen each had two hits for the visiting Panthers (3-2) in a nonleague game.
fZapf Dingbats f-b f-iofSwis721 BT f+b f-iOUTLOOK:o As always, the Mounties' goal is a wild-card berth in the Southern Section playoffs.
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