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becoming smaller or less or appearing to do so

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The problem is not with the budget but with the diminishing number of senior veterans who are the beneficiaries of Senate Bill No.
Moody's believes that the negative implications of diminishing support for senior creditors outweigh the otherwise more positive elements that will continue to support the banks'
Bank of Japan board member Miyako Suda has opined that the need for credit-easing measures is diminishing in Japan.
The "law of diminishing returns" is a universal law that attests to the fact that in getting bigger and bigger, there is a point where businesses' profits start to diminish.
3 : to become gradually less or smaller : dwindle <The number of wild birds is diminishing.>
The Defense Acquisition University, working in concert with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the DoD Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Working Group, has fielded an extensive set of DMSMS-related training and implementation resources.
AlGathafi strongly pressed for African unity in the following quote: "We do not accept diminishing sovereignty and interference in our internal affairs from others, not even for the sake of the unity of Africa.
Just as diminishing capital flows have the potential to threaten current REIT share prices, so too does the prospect of rising capitalization rates that result from decreasing real estate value.
Here in Kansas, there is a stubborn affinity for diminishing evolution.
The downside of the skyrocketing scrap price has been a diminishing of the competitive advantage formerly enjoyed by electric arc furnace steelmakers, MEPS says, though they have been able to pass along their increased costs to steel buyers, keeping their balance sheets healthy.
We do not even really understand exchange rate volatility, since in recent decades monetary policy's commitment to price stability and limiting activism has deepened (removing what Milton Friedman thought would cause instability), and the real economies of the major issuers have become more flexible (diminishing what Rudiger Dornbusch thought would cause overshooting), and still exchange rate volatility has increased.
Question 4: Can the resort to force be undertaken effectively without sacrificing or appreciably diminishing the wellbeing of one's own people?
The trend toward moving service sector and technology jobs offshore appears to be gaining, not diminishing. The mainstream business media is just beginning to figure it out.
For example, address Scott Atran's view that bombers are not crazies, that what motivates them is diminishing expectations.
However, until they too operate on renewable fuels, they'll simply extend the diminishing supplies of very profitable fossil fuels.