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Synonyms for dime

a United States coin worth one tenth of a dollar

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street name for a packet of illegal drugs that is sold for ten dollars


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Tokyo Dime, the 19th-ranked team in the world, denied an All-Filipino finale after eking out a 16-11 win over the Pasig Grindhouse Kings.
This is why we launched Dime Connect and Dime World in Bahrain."
Likewise, Project DIME will monitor the Department of Education's basic education facilities, Commission on Higher Education's universal Access to quality tertiary education, and Department of National Defense's AFP modernization program.
Dime also talked about her recent Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BJnn8AbhoV3/?taken-by=iamdimepiece) video in which she and Drake were seen partying together after she attended a show for his Summer Sixteen tour.
Dime's voice is engaging as she tells her story with her own words and through different personas she hopes will mobilize others to action.
The article describes the suicide "of a young boy whose mind had become disordered through reading of dime novels." (2) It goes on to talk about a group of boys "calling themselves the 'Jesse James Gang'" who "were indicted for larceny to which they had been prompted by the same pernicious stuff." (3) Other publications from that time described dime novels as "outrageously disgusting," (4) "very distasteful," (5) "miserable stuff" (6) that "sears the better part of a boy's nature" (7) and "depraves the taste." (8)
He joked: "I usually mark my ball with a larger coin so I blame Ronan for letting me use a dime which is very small and more difficult to pick up.
The songs on the Dimes' new recording, "The King Can Drink the Harbor Dry," are short.
Roosevelt, who died the previous year, took his place on the head of the dime that's still in circulation today.
This word was borrowed from medieval French dime or disme, with the same meaning.
And who gave the kid the dime? Is that the dime I left right here on this table not five minutes ago?
Trails of the Dime Novel is an unusual Western, about a young man in the late 1800's who set out west to write dramatic stories that would capture the imagination of the reading populace, and found himself living them instead.
She believed witch magic had been corrupted and diluted, as Paige discovers in Dime Store Magic.
When the Dime appeared on Fairfax Avenue one day last year, replacing tried-and-true neighborhood joint Max's, locals were in an uproar.
NOT CONTENT TO SPEND every waking hour chipping away at the New Deal, congressional Republicans are now seeking to erase President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from the dime and replace him with Ronald Reagan.