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Synonyms for dim-witted

Synonyms for dim-witted

lacking mental capacity and subtlety

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But before Carter knew what was happening, he was engaged to the Woolfs' daughter Ruby, running errands for Mercy and in danger of being bumped off by dim-witted goons.
Compared to that of his dim-witted, unemployed older brother Jacob (Thornton), Hank's life is indeed perfect.
She dumps her studly but dim-witted boyfriend and shocks everyone by going to college.
The boring, terminally dim-witted inhabitants of the Fijian island were struck on Friday by a tropical storm.
After she was kicked out of the Big Brother house, dim-witted Emma announced that she was bisexual.
To this mix, add the always superb Steve Buscemi as the dim-witted third member of the bowling team; a laconic and amused Sam Elliot as the cowboy-narrator; John Turturro in a pink jumpsuit as Jesus, their archenemy in bowling and a convicted pedophile; and Julianne Moore as the Big Lebowski's daughter Maude, an artist and sex enthusiast.
DVD) Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott star as two dim-witted yet loveable party animals who wake up one morning with a burning question.
However, dim-witted Homer takes the put-down as a compliment.
So did Tom Murphy, who portrays a dim-witted neighbor in the play.
Even by New Labour standards, this dim-witted pipsqueak is a staggering sycophant.
Harry (Derek Richardson) and Lloyd (Eric Christian Olsen) are dim-witted best friends, with an infinite capacity for getting into trouble.
Forever stumbling into one hare-brained scheme after another, lovably dim-witted Bertie always could rely on his erudite manservant to get him out of a pickle.
WHICH dim-witted hack tried to get into his hotel room using his house keys before fed-up guests next door came and saved the day?
Not so Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller), three-time winners of Male Model Of The Year - he's completely dim-witted.
The period feature has to do with a dim-witted wilderness team trying to compete with Lewis & Clark.