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Synonyms for diluvian

of or connected with a deluge


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Diluvian - Heather and Michael Nixon, of Eugene, a son.
In Blake's developed mythological system, the dissolution of mind opens up the realm of diluvian chaos that he calls the "Lake of Udan Adan": a place of unrecuperable formlessness, indefiniteness, disorganization, indeterminacy--a place where matter and body reign.
The phrase "in the infancy of society" so often opening Enlightenment histories initiates a pattern as formal as those traced out in the euhemerists' diluvian confabulations, its conventional associations of pristine rudeness signaling the commencement of a narrative working toward foregone conclusions about material opulence and/or moral declension.
and his squaw were as one in total diluvian ecstasy.
The dreamer, after all, is not simply a witness to the diluvian threat to the Arab's quixotic mission of saving the stone and the shell; he wants to participate in that "enterprise" (V.