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a diluted solution

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weakening (reducing the concentration) by the addition of water or a thinner

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56 for basic and dilutive for the same period of 2016.
18 per dilutive common share compared to a net loss of USD146,000, or USD0.
We explore how current shareholders incorporate unexpected earnings into share price when the firm has outstanding dilutive securities.
In determining whether potential common shares are dilutive or anti-dilutive, each issue or series of potential common shares should be considered separately rather than in the aggregate.
The process of including increasingly less dilutive shares continues until the resulting EPS figure increases or there are no more potential shares.
For those companies with simple capital structures, that is those having no dilutive securities outstanding, simple EPS is the relevant statistic.
In conjunction, DFINE's acquisition is expected to be dilutive on a GAAP basis by USD0.
The objective of diluted EPS is consistent with that of basic EPS: to measure the enterprise's performance over the period while giving effect to all dilutive securities assumed converted to common stock.
06 per dilutive common share, for the fourth quarter of 2014, compared to net income available to common shareholders of USD811,000, or USD0.
Increased non-GAAP dilutive earnings per share (EPS) to CHF 1.
Assuming the transaction closes as expected in mid-year, MMC estimates that the sale would have a mildly dilutive impact on 2007 earnings per share of approximately five cents.
In order to mitigate the dilutive effect of the ESOP termination, the Company did not make a cash contribution to the ESOP to enable the ESOP to repay the Company's loan to the ESOP.
Some of the features attractive to the Company include the fact that the transaction allows us to realize some of the value of our underlying subsidiaries prior to their becoming standalone entities, the conversion premium into CDC Corporation shares is set at a high level which reduces potential dilutive effects for our existing shareholders, and the yield we pay on the notes is very attractive.
While our estimates do not include the CipherTrust acquisition, we expect it to be dilutive to earnings in the second half of the year, which may cause us to lower our estimates further.