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a diluted solution

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weakening (reducing the concentration) by the addition of water or a thinner

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Rather, the Federal Trademark Dilution Act (FTDA) was enacted in
Diagram a series of twofold, fivefold, and tenfold dilutions using four tubes.
10] end titre and the S/P ratio (at serum dilutions of 1:125 to 1: 16,000) showing the maximum value of 'r' was chosen for the derivation of the regression equation (y= a + bx, where y= the [log.
However, 4 ng/mL was still quantifiable after 8 hr, and DA was still detectable at 24 hr (Figure 2) when compared to the control rat (group 3) plasma at the same 1:10 dilution as the treated rats (groups 1 and 2; p < 0.
5-fold dilutions prevent the bias that may occur with variable equilibration in the recommended dilution protocol and may be more efficient for a busy laboratory because they are prepared during assay set up.
When their symptoms persisted, they underwent further evaluation and treatment based on the results of serial dilution quantitative intradermal skin testing.
Bonding at dilutions ranging from 5 to 35 weight percent solids, or 0.
The speed, accuracy and precision of the system has allowed us to miniaturize our IC50 determinations into 1536-well format and to perform 192 8-point serial dilutions per plate in about 5 minutes.
Methods: Sera of patients fulfilling ACR criteria for diagnosis of SLE, idiopathic inflammatory polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and age and sex matched healthy individuals were tested for ANA by IIF using a commercial kit (Euroimmun, Germany) at 5 dilutions, namely 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320 and 1:640.
For these immunoassays, the specimens were to be analyzed with the serial dilutions 1:1 (undiluted), 1:5 (0.
0 [micro]g/vial to generate final toxin concentrations of brevetoxins ranging from 0 to 80 [micro]g/100 g shellfish meat in log 2 dilutions.
Skin endpoint titration (SET) testing, also referred to as serial dilution quantitative intradermal testing, is a modification of intradermal testing that uses specific antigen dilutions to establish the minimum amount of antigen required to produce a positive skin test.
In the original experiment, a solution of antibodies appeared to evoke a reaction from certain white blood cells and change their ability to hold a stain even after the antibody solution had undergone 120 tenfold dilutions (SN: 7/2/88, p.
We were intrigued by the range of options the Staccato supported, in terms of its ability to act as a 96-channel instrument along with the 8-channel capabilities that allowed us to do serial dilutions.
The approach was further complicated by the fact that the diluting agent for sodium and potassium was the Urine Electrolyte Diluent (Johnson & Johnson), which could not be used for the other tests, which required dilutions with water.