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a diluted solution

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weakening (reducing the concentration) by the addition of water or a thinner

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The frequency of clinical strains with MICs measured by the two methods agreeing to within +-1 doubling dilutions was calculated; essential agreement was reported as the percentage of strains for AD MIC was the same or one doubling dilution apart from the BMD MIC (Reynolds et al.
The following equations will help you with performing and calculating dilutions.
Next, the absorbance of these test sample dilutions was corrected by subtracting the appropriate average absorbance of internal negative control serum dilutions from the same trial.
Confusion occurs when someone uses "1:1" as a dilution because if 1:10 means one part diluted with nine parts, making a total of 10 parts, then what does 1:1 mean?
Subsequent dilutions are typically done in 10-fold steps, which simplifies calculations.
The MIC of telithromycin, performed on Mueller-Hinton agar + 5% horse blood by serial 2-fold dilution, was equal to 2 [micro]g/mL in air and 8 [micro]g/mL under C[O.
When the Biosense kit standard curve, run in PBST, was compared to the same standard curve run in the presence of plasma, urine, and milk matrices, each at 100-fold dilutions for each standard concentration, resulting E[C.
5-fold dilutions were then compared directly with the manufacturer-suggested 2-fold dilution ("gold standard") for all 30 specimens; the 2-fold dilution scheme was regressed on the 1.
Serial dilution quantitative intradermal testing, also referred to as skin endpoint titration (SET), is a modified intradermal test that uses specific antigen dilutions to establish the minimum amount of antigen required to produce a positive skin test, also referred to as the endpoint.
All adhesives and all dilutions were applied by flow coating onto zinc phosphatized steel coupons.
Under the opposite extremes, he found dilutions of 100,000 to 1 were possible.
A new serial dilution feature provides the ability to load a single row or column of tips onto a 96-or 384-channel dispense head and travel across a microplate in either direction to perform serial dilutions common in IC-50 curves and standard screening applications.
The row dilution plate holder adds the functionality to perform serial dilutions in rows.
The reference screening dilutions provided by the manufacturers are based on different ethnic population than ours.
Authors have suggested approaches that include looking for discrepancies among alternative methods of measurement (2-4), exploiting nonlinear effects of the interfering antibody by incorporating serial dilutions into routine assays (3, 4), screening for anti-mouse antibodies with the Tandem ICON(r) ImmunoConcentration human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) [4] assay (3), or pretreating specimens with blocking reagents (5, 6).