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a diluted solution

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weakening (reducing the concentration) by the addition of water or a thinner

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In enacting the TDRA, Federal anti-dilution law morphed in two significant ways: "(i) a likelihood of dilution, rather than actual dilution, is now required to establish dilution by blurring .
The cut-off value was determined at a dilution of 1:1000 ([log.
We can express dilutions as follows: a "1 in 10" dilution = 1:10; and "1 in 100" dilution = 1:100.
But others worry that actual concentrations in the environment could be higher than the calculated PEC due to the guidance's assumed 1:10 dilution factor for sewage effluent entering rivers.
Balanced against shareholder dilution concerns, a public company needs a shares reserved pool ideally large enough to fund at least three years of projected stock option grants.
The dilution protocol recommended by Abbott (18) is a twofold dilution, prepared before assay set up, with equal amounts of patient specimen and calibrator A.
It's a question of whether a company is willing to incur dilution to reduce its interest burden," he says.
Ecolab's Oasis[R] Select 4[TM] Dilution System includes four new products: a fabric odor eliminator, a heavy-duty alkaline bathroom cleaner and two odor counteractants.
Brand dilution is one of the key issues that every CEO should be concerned about," says Mark Vogel, Avant co-director.
Dilution mechanisms can be superior to other information-harnessing devices (such as an option or auction approach) because they (1) are less susceptible to the problem of junior illiquidity than an option approach proposed by Lucian Bebchuk; (2) are less susceptible to the problem of market manipulation and may better allocate control premia than a partial float proposal by Mark Roe; and (3) may produce fewer transaction costs than a full auction approach proposed by Douglas Baird.
likely to cause dilution is not included as grounds for the invalidation
In this reference for law practitioners and students, international contributors demonstrate how far the law has progressed in affording protection to well-known trademarks through the laws of dilution and the EU law of 'unfair advantage.
Trademark Dilution: Federal, State, and International Law, Second Edition" Offers Clear Guidance on the Evolving Laws Governing Trademark Dilution Protection
And now, with a fully automatic device, Henkel can simplify concentrate dilution for customers of its Adhesin brand of adhesives in the tissue and towel industry.