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a diluting agent

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The albumin solution is a mixture of sterile aqueous dilutent containing 5% as albumin protein.
Mixed surplus pesticide with an approved dilutent and reapplied over the treated area.
39) The Supreme Court approved this rule, permitting trials in districts where defendants have never stepped foot, despite "its dilutent effect upon venue rights.
We also subtracted counts that were obtained from 100-fold dilutions of sterile DM cultures into the isotonic dilutent to eliminate any larger background particles.
In this episode, the epoxy paint contained glycidyl ether, a reactive dilutent used to decrease viscosity [1].
Limited Tenders are invited for Vonroll Make Damicoat Varnish And Dilutent
We then added 100 [micro]l of the serum samples (the concentration of dilutent was dependant on the results of a pre-trial.