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Synonyms for diluted

Synonyms for diluted

reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity



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Not even on the river bank was the snow white--the rain which fell was a diluted solution of smoke, and Jurgis' hands and face were streaked with black.
But it is not with the Scotch as it is with the English, to whom that fluid flesh which is called blood is a paramount necessity; the Scotch, a poor and sober race, live upon a little barley crushed between two stones, diluted with the water of the fountain, and cooked upon another stone, heated.
Therefore, without entering into any more serious examination of the question, I will content myself with remarking that in real life typical characters are "watered down," so to speak; and all these Dandins and Podkoleosins actually exist among us every day, but in a diluted form.
Into these bowls, Mrs Squeers, assisted by the hungry servant, poured a brown composition, which looked like diluted pincushions without the covers, and was called porridge.
His character, indeed, might be traced all the way down, as distinctly as if the Colonel himself, a little diluted, had been gifted with a sort of intermittent immortality on earth.
At first the sound, carrying diluted through the still air, resembled the beating of an artery in the head.
The song had ceased from his lips; but Mary was irritable from a burnt hand and a grandchild whose stomach refused to digest properly diluted cows' milk.
McKesson expects GAAP earnings per diluted share of $7.
For the first nine months of fiscal year 2002, diluted funds from operations increased to $15,065,000 or $0.
7 million, or 84 cents a share on a diluted bases, compared with $171 million, or 62 cents a share, in the comparable 1996 quarter.
Any company with potential common shares has a complex capital structure and must disclose both basic and diluted EPS.
In fact, such beverages are diluted with water, contain sugar or corn syrup, and, in some cases, have added flavors.
The hike in income from continuing operations excluding noteworthy items per diluted common share also reflects a decline in the average number of diluted common shares outstanding due to significant share repurchases in 2017.
Diluted earnings per share (EPS) for the three-month period increased from $0.
Under the FASB's tentative conclusions, fully diluted EPS would be replaced with diluted EPS.