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a diluting agent

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USDA-ARS scientists developed their own technique to determine threshold values of compounds important for orange juice flavor, using a deodorized orange juice matrix as the dilutant.
Since very few go for botox in India, it takes years for a doctor to learn to inject the needle at the right angle, dilute the toxin in the right concentration, to use the correct dilutant, to accurately identify the muscles in the head and the face and most important ly, use the right dosage.
1 compliance have increased; the cleanliness of outdoor air as a dilutant is increasing undependable; and the cost of energy for treating hot and humid outdoor air is increasing exponentially.
4, the lowest background readings were obtained when 20% normal human serum in PBS was used as dilutant.
Additional control experiments involved the use of procedures similar to those described above except for the replacement of the primary antiserum with either 1% normal mouse or rabbit serum or with the serum dilutant alone.