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  • verb

Synonyms for dilly-dally

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

Synonyms for dilly-dally

postpone doing what one should be doing

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This is not the time to dilly-dally, they assessed it, they should pursue it and they should deliver.
HOW can designers dilly-dally about the cost of renovating Wembley's twin towers?
Lawyer Jojo Lacanilao, one of Sereno's spokespersons, asserted that the chief justice did not dilly-dally on an urgent issue as her fellow justices allege.
My fear is that the Conservative government will dilly-dally about and we will see the Scots vote against independence and still be left with this unfair situation.
Hyderabad More than 100,000 students from Telangana region have called for the immediate formation of a separate state and warned the central government against using talks to dilly-dally the issue.
I am sure Knowsley council will seek employment for all its construction workers - not like the Liverpool dilly-dally gang.
"That's all you need in this division, you don't need a centre-back who is going to dilly-dally and try and play.
"We dilly-dally about playing a holding game, which was bad enough against Arsenal on Saturday, but unforgivable against West Ham.
Also, he said the delay was a 'blatant violation' of the legislative process, given that there is no justification whatsoever for legislators to dilly-dally on the transmittal of the bill to the Office of President after both chambers have ratified the bicameral conference committee report on the 2019 GAB nearly a month ago.
I did, dilly-dally, flip-flopping and delaying as much as possible the implementation of this particular program," she said.
But please don't dilly-dally, Ma'am - the World Cup qualifier kicks off at 3pm.
Song of the Year: "My Old Man Said Follow the Van...and don't dilly-dally on the way."
Sereno taunted Congress not to 'dilly-dally' anymore and put a stop into the 'nightmare that has been dragging on since August [last year].'
Just don't hmm and haw about it or, to use one of my father's phrases, dilly-dally.
I repeat that I am NOT in favour of a ban, but to dilly-dally around in the middle achieving little other than political capital will result in them falling between two barstools