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  • verb

Synonyms for dilly-dally

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

Synonyms for dilly-dally

postpone doing what one should be doing

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A positive reading, Now to continue my trip, No time to dilly-dally, Ta-ta and toodle-pip.
We dilly-dally about playing a holding game, which was bad enough against Arsenal on Saturday, but unforgivable against West Ham.
Why would I dilly-dally just because others do not want it?
Just don't hmm and haw about it or, to use one of my father's phrases, dilly-dally.
Hyderabad More than 100,000 students from Telangana region have called for the immediate formation of a separate state and warned the central government against using talks to dilly-dally the issue.
But please don't dilly-dally, Ma'am - the World Cup qualifier kicks off at 3pm.
Weir (Sam Neill), the mad scientist who designed the gravity drive, is going to suffer a most unpleasant fate unless they get their space-age carcasses out of there at warp speed, but for the reasons endemic to horror movies, they dilly-dally around until some of them are dead.
Dunn said: "Rather than play 40 times and just dilly-dally through games - like certain players do - I would rather play half the games and make an impact.
That's all you need in this division, you don't need a centre-back who is going to dilly-dally and try and play.
But don't dilly-dally on the way to Abbey Stadium as the night's best bet, Beacons Dave, turns out in the first of the open contests at 8.
But there is no need to dilly-dally with two revenue provisions in the budget - the transfer of $15 million from the wastewater (or sewer systems) fund and $106 million from the Department of Water and Power to the city's general fund.
I repeat that I am NOT in favour of a ban, but to dilly-dally around in the middle achieving little other than political capital will result in them falling between two barstools
H Shah further said that the killings of two innocent citizens in such a barbaric way could not be possible without the collusion of political and civil bureaucratic administration as instead of stopping the culprits on the site, the police remained as silent spectator and above all, made dilly-dally in registration of FIR.