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the act of expanding an aperture

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Vishwa was taken up for metallic stent placement in his esophagus after the dilatation sessions were over.
Methods: Eight hundred ninety two adult achalasia patients of both genders were treated from January 1988 till December 2011, with pneumatic balloon (Rigiflex MicrovasiveA(r)) dilatation, under fluoroscopy Barium swallow was obtained prior to and five minutes after dilatation to evaluate for efficacy of dilatation as well as for complications.
The two types of treatment modalities are used including conservative dilatation and surgical approach according to aetiology and site and extent of involvement.
Vascular solutions company OrbusNeich disclosed on Tuesday the availability of its world-renowned Sapphire PTCA balloon dilatation catheters in the US market.
Many patients report significantly improved symptoms shortly after dilatation, but these gradually worsen over time.
We have previously described a similar technique in which we used a stent pusher instead of a dilatation catheter and a biopsy forceps (diameter, 1.
Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, and comprised data of all women found with renal pelvic dilatation in antenatal scans between January 2011 and December 2013.
Six in abdominal and pelvic parasympathetic ganglia it inhibits cholinergic transmission, especially cervico- uterine plexus and aids dilatation of cervix.
PTCA Balloon dilatation catheter -Rapid exchange, High Pressure (Extended range) - assorted sizes
Keywords: Brain abscess, children, esophageal dilatation
Background: A limitation of bronchoscopic balloon dilatation (BBD) is that airflow must be completely blocked for as long as possible during the operation.
One of the effects of this agent has been dilatation of cervix which is used in gynecology because of its effectiveness and ease of administration (6, 7).
The condition was first described by a British physician in 1674, Sir Thomas Willis, and treated with dilatation using a sponge attached to a whale bone (4).
Lithoplasty is a novel balloon-based technology that utilises integrated lithotripsy, a pulsatile mechanical energy commonly used to break up kidney stones, to disrupt both superficial and deep calcium and normalize vessel wall compliance prior to low-pressure balloon dilatation.
where [rho] is the dilatation rest-mass density, c is the speed of light, [[bar.