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Synonyms for dilapidation

a state of deterioration due to old age or long use

the process of becoming dilapidated


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Sialkot exporters have urged the Punjab government to direct the Sialkot district administration to ensure the early diversion of these heavy weight dumper vehicles to the other alternative roads in a bid to save the roads leading to Sialkot airport from further dilapidation , besides, ensuring the early repairing or reconstruction of these badly damaged roads, which have also become shabby and boggy as well with their miserable condition.
The existing hut off Kenthurst Close dates back to the 1950s but has poor thermal insulation and is in a state of considerable dilapidation, a planning meeting was told.
ISLAMABAD -- Most of the public parks in the Federal Capital are in a state of dilapidation due to the apathy of Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI), which has left the once lush green fields at the vagaries of weather without carrying out any maintenance work.
In this particular case, the complainant has alleged the ruination, dilapidation and deterioration of this historic building.
He said the 70-year old edifice, which suffered eight years of dilapidation, received a facelift following its reconstruction by Chief Charles Tabansi, an illustrious son of the kingdom.
Early this year, Kenyans protested the low circulation of Sh50 notes and raised concern over the state of dilapidation of the existing ones.
However, the park closure based on a letter received by the management corporation of Trellises Apartment located adjacent to Taman Rimba Kiara showed that Memang Perkasa Sdn Bhd intended to conduct a dilapidation survey and has called for a briefing for the residents on June 6, 2018.
THE owners of one of the largest abandoned industrial sites in North Wales have been urged to redevelop it before it falls into further dilapidation.
Mr Marsden advises investors, landlords, public sector bodies and occupiers on a broad range of complex property law including right to light, dilapidation, property insolvency, lease renewals and forfeiture.
The firm has won the brief from Pall Mall Estates and it will require Wakemans to take on responsibility for all dilapidation work including advice on how to maximise asset value through appropriate investment.
Sadder--were in a desperate state of dilapidation when Lentz took the job.
PROPERTY lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are predicting a significant rise in the number of dilapidation disputes across the North West.
Pour le citoyen, a-t-il ajoute, le resultat de la dilapidation des biens publics est toujours le meme , quel que soit la nature de cette dilapidation, detournement ou mauvaise gestion.