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African tree with edible yellow fruit resembling mangos

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Vera Dika, Games of Terror: Halloween, Friday the 13th, and the Films of the Stalker Cycle (London: Associated University Presses, 1990), 49
Jewel [Raja], Shilton [D'Silva], Raju [Gaikwad], Jeje [Lalpeklua], Dika [Lalrindika Ralte] are a conglomeration of unique talent and the right attitude.
Singh, Granville, and Dika (2002) examined the effects of motivation, attitude and academic engagement on achievement among 3 227 students in the eighth grade.
Among the many correlates of mathematics achievement, mathematics anxiety has been shown to be a significant factor of learning success (Cates & Rhymer, 2003; Hembree, 1990; Pajares & Miller, 1994; Ramirez & Dockweiler, 1987; Ryan & Ryan, 2005; Singh, Granville, & Dika, 2002).
Gjorgji Dika, president of the Macedonian-Russian Economic Chamber, laid stress on the aggressive promotion, the organization of business forums and the bigger presence of Macedonian businessmen in Russia as priorities in their future cooperation.
The dominant horror subgenre of the late 1970s and most of the 1980s has been called the "splatter film" by John McCarty (1984), the "stalker film" by Vera Dika (1981), and the "slasher film" by Carol Clover (1992).
Representative of the Turkish Dika company in Iraq Omar Taha signed the contract for the project, which is considered complementary for the airports in Iraq and considered the only civilian airport in the province," he explained.
Our findings are in accord with previous research on non-Catholic students that links self-perceptions and behaviors related to math and science learning (Pietsch, Walker, & Chapman, 2003; Rouxel, 2000; Singh, Granville, & Dika, 2002) and research that associates math anxiety with dissuading personal attitudes and behaviors, such as avoiding math situations, and taking fewer math-related courses (Ma, 1999; Preis & Biggs, 2001; Tobias, 1991).
Vera Dika, following Wood, argues that one of the film's influences, Psycho, which also uses the Gein murders as source material, represents the first effort to redefine "evil" away from the supernatural after World War II and towards the "modern collective consciousness" (67).
Research has established the importance of attitudes toward mathematics in achievement (Singh, Granville & Dika, 2002; Webster & Fisher, 2000).
Research reveals particularly high levels of mathematics anxiety in elementary preservice teachers (Battista, 1986; Gresham, 2004; Kelly & Tomhave, 1985; Singh, Granville, & Dika, 2002; Sovchik, Meconi, & Steiner, 1981; and Vinson, 2001; Zettle & Raines, 2002).
The suspects - who include Mohammed Molu Bagajo, Aden Ibrahim Mohammed, Mahati Ali Halake, Roba Balla Baricha and Mohammed Dika Wario - were ordered held until September 7, when the court will set the date for trial to begin.