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Synonyms for digressive

Synonyms for digressive

of superficial relevance if any


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(of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects

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Neal's signature slipperiness ultimately attracts more than it repels--to borrow from Hayes, "the more time we spend with it, the more we like it" (277)--and Watts and Carlson's introduction aligns Neal with "the strain of exuberant, form-stretching American writers from Hugh Henry Brackenridge to John Dos Passos or David Foster Wallace," contending that "Neal's best work is characterized by a sprawling, ranging, metafictive, intertextual, confrontational, and digressive style that catches and reflects the energy and expansiveness of its American subjects in ways more conventional books could not" (xxv).
While the strength of the narrative lies in its complex understanding of Moroccan society, the digressive, unnecessarily detailed nature of some chapters may cause the reader to lose focus on the main themes.
One sees another example of this digressive tendency in his coverage of the B-29, which never served in the theater.
Exquisite, melancholy, hilarious and cathartic, Richard Linklater's third walking-and-talking collaboration with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy turns a summer night's Grecian idyll into a typically digressive and cumulatively overwhelming essay on the joys and frustrations of (spoiler alert
It gets rid, however, of the digressive reduction of direct payments - a proposal strongly criticised by many member states.
Nightmare" begins with "gauze curtains and hazy furniture" and after a delightfully digressive tour of "scenes inconsistent," it's surprising to return to the premise as we arrive at "the folding chair.
Reamde's digressive tendencies will frustrate some - whole pages on abstruse topics slot in between lines of dialogue - but they're written beautifully, and generally do turn out to be relevant.
Reamde's digressive tendencies will frustrate some; whole pages on difficult topics slot in between dialogue.
A master of circumlocution, Hitehens writes with a spontaneous, understated, digressive style, orbiting a target with asides and allusions until it is all but lost from sight.
Christel hovers nearby in the kitchen, preparing meals and cups of coffee and periodically admonishing her husband for his rambling narrative style, which I take to be entirely in keeping with his digressive photographic forays in the streets of his adopted hometown.
Parliament only has a consultative role on this proposed regulation, which would allow member states to grant clearly digressive operating aid aimed at covering current production losses.
One might have wished for a fuller exploration of Elliot's gayness--the kiss appears to have been a coming-out moment vis-a-vis his hometown--but maybe that would have opened a digressive can of worms.
CAML's featured keynote address was delivered by Mark Miller, who presented a digressive review of thirty-five years of jazz journalism.
Mais il est judicieux a double titre, s'attaquant a une periode strategique ou pratique romanesque et pratique digressive connaissent une importante mutation.