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Synonyms for dignity

Synonyms for dignity

a person's high standing among others

Synonyms for dignity

the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect

formality in bearing and appearance

high office or rank or station

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The judicial invocation of the concept of human dignity raises two important questions- the failure to provide a specific guidance because of the variety of existing concepts about the meaning and scope of human dignity, and the connection of dignity with two sides of the equally important conflicting rights, e.
Dignity is characterized as a fundamental value and foundation of all human rights that protects the core of fundamental rights and functions as an interpretive tool to feel the gaps and resolve conflicts between conflicting fundamental rights and find moral justifications in hard cases.
In the administration field, research has been conducted mainly on the perspective of dignity in organizations, especially the type connected to dignity at work.
In a sequence of research directed to market demands, competition, productivity, and dignity, there are studies that focus on respect for the dignity of the employee and on loyalty and productivity (Shahinpoor & Matt, 2006); the balance between respect for human rights and performance, for a humanized, competitive, and successful organization (Morkhiber, 2001); and the matter of dignity, competitiveness, and performance (Auerbach, 1988).
Fitch has previously stated that Dignity Health has minimal capacity at its current rating level for the large strategic initiatives or the initial short-term disruptions that may occur from the possible alignment of the two organizations, and this could ultimately result in negative rating pressure on Dignity Health.
As Jeremy Waldron has rightly observed, defining dignity raises many difficulties, perhaps due to the fact that the phrase "human dignity" is too vague to be of any foundational use.
It follows that the moral dimension of dignity cannot be altogether separated from the legal one, of the same notion.
Human dignity is best understood as a specific species of dignity that denotes the objective value inherent to all humans.
Dignity First is about supporting those ideas that promote immediate dignity for vulnerable Queenslanders.
Dignity is a financially stable company with a long and proud history dating back more than 200 years.
Dignity Health engaged Wanda to develop the software due to the company's proven track record in developing effective platforms that support informed treatment decisions.
proposes a middle path between uncritical use and complete dismissal of "dignity talk" by offering an enriched multidimensional model of human dignity, identifying four distinct dimensions of dignity--existential, cognitive-affective, behavioral, and social--and distinguishing between the realized and potential dignity of persons.
Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, Global Dignity Country Chair for Sri Lanka who was appointed by the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.
Part I sets out the methodological and substantive dimensions of Waldron's project to cast contemporary dignity in terms of legal status.
The inclusion of human dignity among the factors that agencies are