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Synonyms for dignified

Synonyms for dignified

having or expressing dignity

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having or showing self-esteem

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And the indelicate aspect of his domestic misfortune struck him with such shame that, next moment, he caught himself in the act of pondering absurdly over the notion whether it would not be more dignified for him to induce a general belief that he had been in the habit of beating his wife.
The duchess was ready to die with laughter when she saw Sancho's rage and heard his words; but it was no pleasure to Don Quixote to see him in such a sorry trim, with the dingy towel about him, and the hangers-on of the kitchen all round him; so making a low bow to the duke and duchess, as if to ask their permission to speak, he addressed the rout in a dignified tone: "Holloa, gentlemen!
On he came, serene, dignified, and calm, until he was abreast of our boat, and there, among the rushes, he eased up, and settled down cosily for the evening.
I tried to be as polite and dignified as I could be, for I wanted Mrs.
Calm, dignified, and yet far from repulsive, they set an example of courtesy, blended with reserve, that many a diplomatist of the most polished court might have strove in vain to imitate.
The expression of his faded and time-worn features was that of a calm and dignified repose.
Well over fifty years of age when I knew him, short, stout, dignified, perhaps a little pompous, he was a man of a singularly well-informed mind, the least sailor-like in outward aspect, but certainly one of the best seamen whom it has been my good luck to serve under.
If my countenance expressed what I aimed at, it was composed and dignified; and yet, with a degree of pensiveness which might convince him that I was not quite happy.
PESHAWAR -- Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Information Technology (IT), Kamran Bangash has said provision of jobs opportunities to youth was the top most priority of PTI-led Government and digital training of graduates' students has been started with assistance of UNDP to provide them dignified jobs.
ISLAMABAD -- Donor countries and agencies on Friday vowed full support to the cause of honourable and dignified repatriation of Afghan refugees and lauded Pakistan's 'generous hosting' of millions of Afghan refugees over the past forty years.
"It is difficult to displaced people to return safely and dignified to their homes in the liberated areas," it said in a statement.
Acting Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed administered oath to Justice Meskanzai at Supreme Court of Pakistan in a simple and dignified ceremony.
'She's dignified in the things she knows, and she's dignified in the things she doesn't,' Lupita praised her mum, Dorothy
"Alex has kept a dignified position throughout the last 14 months, which has been very challenging."