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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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The touch functionality and the image displaying on your main screen is facilitated by the Digitizer and LCD within the iPhone 5s/ 5c screen replacement.
They have digitizers working seven days a week offering highly competitive pricing, 24-hour turnaround, quick quotations and an online order system.
Then, after frequency translation and decimation, the data is stored as complex I&Q samples to the digitizer's memory.
* The MPD-9xx digitizer board that houses all of the controller components in a single strip on 1 side of the main digitizer board.
Far more points are generated with the laser scanner than through the use of a digitizer arm, so the solid models are created more quickly and with better accuracy.
VIDAR's CAD PRO Advantage Digitizer features patented technological innovations that deliver superior image quality, exceptional consistency and repeatability, and increased speed.
Niels Knudsen is the principal architect and developer of the PXI-5922 digitizer from National Instruments (NI), Austin, Texas.
FOR YEARS, BUILDERS USED A DIGITIZER TO transfer electronic linear counts for the sizes and materials they would need for a job into a digital format for use in an estimating program.
Digitizer and analyzer cards with ready-to-use Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) instruments provide increased performance and quality for fast and simple integration into OEM products.
The 3060 is designed for use in RF test systems in conjunction with the 3020 RF signal generator and the 3030 RF digitizer. Together these modules enable the development of compact, high performance, low cost modular RF test systems.
Engineered for mammography computer-aided detection (CAD), the CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer provides a combination of high image quality, speed, consistency and repeatability, as well as reliable film feeding, to improve workflow and productivity.
In the case of the 3D Capturor, InSpeck's entry-level digitizer, 300,000 geometry and texture points ale acquired in about half a second.
The digitizer tracks where the plastic touches the glass through the gel.
Minolta Corporation Instrument Systems Division (ISD), Mahwah, N.J., has introduced the VIVID 300 3-D Digitizer, an economical, portable, non-contact surface and color texture digitizer designed for workplace and remote location uses.
* Demonstrate using the Apple IIgs computer, video camera, ImageWriter[R] printer, Computer Eyes[R] digitizer and Platinum Paints[R] software.