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put into digital form, as for use in a computer

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The first phase, which begins in January, will digitize books from the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties dating from 960 to 1644.
Automate and digitize your processes, using the opportunity to re-engineer every process along the way, always looking for higher quality at lower cost.
Every librarian who has run a project to digitize materials knows that common descriptive standards are still in their infancy, even though great strides have been made with the adoption of "Dublin core" and "Encoded Archival Description"; and the Open Archives Initiative and other new initiatives increasingly enable organizations to share their metadata.
The new Digitize System 3505 supports more fire and security alarms than any other, and is compatible with older Digitize systems.
Maybe they should just get on and digitize the next half million or however many images they own.
Yuan Zheng, professor of elective engineering, points out that a method using two types of sensors canneeded to digitize a small car part was cut from nine hours to about three and a half.
Using sophisticated software to align and digitize images of the same patch of sky in the three hues, he produces a computer-generated picture that closely matches the sky's true colors.
The Avid can take as source material such diverse technologies as videos, films, sound cassettes and scanned images, digitize them, and place these new elements into preexisting cinematic rough cuts.
In Washington State, the Department of Natural Resources teamed up with Pacific Meridian Resources, a large GIS consulting firm headquartered in California, to digitize 2 million acres of trust lands managed by the agency.
Software systems akin to the type used to drive computer numerical control (CNC) machines enable engineers to ensure complete coverage of a part and to digitize the most intricate detail.
As the Managing Director of KALEX Ventures, Bodel will devote a portion of his time to serving as Digitize.
The system uses the company's VHSL (very high speed sheet-of-light laser) scanning sensors to digitize the tire sidewall topography.
Planners must develop selection criteria and procedures in order to ensure that limited time and resources are committed to projects to digitize the most significant collections with the highest probability of successful completion.
Typically it takes longer to cut a part than to digitize it.