digital-analog converter

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device for converting digital signals into analogue signals

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Toshiba's new hybrid control architecture eliminates more than 90% of this increase, by time sharing of the existing comparator and digital-analog converter in the system to produce ADC conversion, instead of adding ADC hardware.
Using broadband digital-analog converter (DAC)/up-converter technology on the stimulus side and broadband down-converter/analog-digital converter (ADC) technology on the measurement side, along with fast, real-time digital signal processing (DSP), Aeroflex synthetic test systems offer the ultimate test implementation flexibility as well as stability, repeatability and reliability.
The spindle control section provides six-state motor commutation using a phase-locked loop (PLL) and provides transconductance current control through a 10-bit digital-analog converter (DAC), with four ranges.
5V analog shifter, which allows the chip to be driven from a digital-analog converter with an output range of 0 to 5V.
docTM decoder chip, Flash memory to store the music, a low-cost microcontroller, digital-analog converter, a small audio power amplifier and a 1.
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