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The Tellabs TITAN 532E EMC system is a completely non-blocking digital cross-connect system with a maximum capacity of 512 E1 (2.
The SONET-based TITAN 5500 digital cross-connect systems from Tellabs directly interface fiberoptic rings at the OC-12 level and provide instant bandwidth management, facility monitoring and fault recovery.
The ANS family of digital cross-connects has earned wide-spread acceptance within the telecommunications industry, and the 1633 SX series has won Bell Canada's Award of Excellence for the past two years.
DirectVoIP Broadband interconnections allow cost-effective and scalable VoIP interconnects to carriers and providers, eliminating the need for increased capital expense associated with fixed TDM circuits, local loops, digital cross-connect switches and gateway ports in global interconnect facilities and data centers.
The Martis facility in Helsinki, together with our Tellabs Ltd facility in Shannon, Ireland, will form `centers of excellence' for ETSI transport and access systems that include flexible multiplexers, digital cross-connect systems, network management and synchronous Digital Hierarchy products," said Peter A.
Coastcom also offers a wide range of multi-service access platforms, digital cross-connect systems, media gateways and integrated access devices (IADs).
to provide a wideband digital cross-connect system that is SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) compatible.
The OX8000 - a powerful multiservice cross-connect - combines wideband and broadband digital cross-connect system (DCS) capabilities with SONET/SDH and Ethernet features in a compact, truly modular and scalable platform that can handle T1/E1 through OC192/STM64, as well as 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet.
Diverse routing options are thus permitted as the subaggregates be routed through the public network Digital Cross-connect System, (DCS) to different TMS destinations.
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