digital arteries

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arteries in the hand and foot that supply the fingers and toes

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Three common palmar digital arteries arise from the convexity of the SPA, each joined by a corresponding palmar metacarpal artery from the deep palmar arch and divide into two proper palmar digital arteries which supply the medial four fingers.
The common palmar digital artery of SPA supplying the adjacent sides of the index and middle fingers passed through the neural loop formed by the proper digital nerve of median nerve supplying the radial side of the middle finger and joined with the unusually large first palmar metacarpal artery before dividing into proper digital arteries.
Avulsion injuries that have extensive damage to the proximal and distal ends of the digital arteries and nerves making anastomosis technically demanding or impossible.
Although the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been advocated in the diagnostic workup for foot arteries aneurysms (5), it has some disadvantages that include the low quality in visualizing digital arteries.
The cut in the present case was oblique from the palmar side of the hoof and deep enough to severe the branches of the palmar digital arteries between the bulb and sole (Fig.
The patient maintained Doppler signals at the level of the distal ulnar artery, but not at the level of the digital arteries.
Both small and large digital arteries are involved causing perfusion defects leading to ischemia.
Recent studies on macrovascular disease in SSc suggest that ischemic demarcation and loss of digits occur secondary to narrowing or occlusion of larger digital arteries (vessels of the palmar arch, radial, or ulnar artery) or medium-sized and large arteries in the lower extremities.
The princeps pollicis artery descends along the ulnar border of the first metacarpal and divides into two proper digital arteries that run along each side of the thumb.
They often include the dorsal and volar metacarpal artery as well as digital arteries and have a large amount of versatility in coverage of larger injuries to the digits and hand (Fig.
This raises the possibility that the ischaemia induced is not complete or that the digital arteries are augmented by another blood supply.
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