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In the laboratory, the contents of each digestive tract were dried at 38[degrees]C for 48 hours, then weighed to the nearest 0.
KEY WORDS: Haliotis asinina, abalone, digestive tract, aminopeptidase
Platyphyllane (from platyphylloside found in silver birch twigs) occurred throughout the digestive tract of 2 winter moose only; these animals had similar amounts of total phenols as those without platyphyllane.
It concludes that one of the most common and effective forms of bariatric surgery, called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, melts away pounds not - or not only - by re-routing the digestive tract, as long thought, but by changing the bacteria in the gut.
Naotake Otsuka, professor emeritus at Ryukoku University's Faculty of Science and Technology, Osaka, Japan, said the Mermaid is powered by an electromagnet and can easily and precisely maneuver inside the digestive tract to detect diseases such as cancer.
infantis, adapted to utilize milk carbon and found primarily in the digestive tract of children, and B.
It's the contents of a middle-aged man's lower digestive tract.
Samples will be grown in laboratories and collected from the digestive tract, mouth, skin, nose and female urogenital tract regions of volunteers.
It uses aromatic spices to improve digestion and help repair the digestive tract.
Clinically proven to survive passage through the digestive tract, LGG has been shown to positively influence the balance of "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract.
Evis Lucera - a digestive tract video scope used for observing of blood vessels in mucous membranes under infrared light.
Speeding up transit time "can lead to a reduction in the quantity of gas present in the digestive tract and a reduction of the bloating sensation in healthy individuals," says Miguel Freitas, Dannon's scientific affairs manager.
On examination, the digestive tract from the stomach to the rectum was removed and tested for B.
Alarming new research reveals that only 2pc of the population are most anxious about developing diseases and conditions of the digestive tract.