digestive gland

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any gland having ducts that pour secretions into the digestive tract

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Diarrhetic shellfish toxin concentrations in a hydrolyzed Crenoytilus grayanus digestive gland extract from Ussuriisky Bay, Patrokl, are shown in Figure 6.
Crude cellular lysates were prepared from digestive gland of the Cd[Cl.
Then, the gonad, penis, remaining reproductive organs, digestive gland, and other body components were separated and weighed (after draining on paper toweling for 10 min).
Hemocytic infiltration foci, mainly in digestive gland and gonad connective tissue, occasionally in gills, were counted at a magnification of 100 times.
The 11 measurements recorded included dorsal mantle length, from the midpoint between the eyes to the posterior tip of the mantle; mantle width, measured with the calipers touching the digestive gland through the mantle wall; head width, the maximum width of the head including the eyes; digestive gland length, the maximum length of the organ; posterior salivary gland length, tip to tip on the dorsal surface on the left gland; pupil length, along its longest axis; eye length, along its greatest axis, and arm length, from the first sucker to the arm tip on the oral surface.
254), but digestive gland pH was significantly different in A.
For indisputable identification, adult shrimp digestive gland proteinases were separated by anionic exchange chromatography and sequenced.
CUADRO 1 Variacion mensual de IGI e IL en la glandula digestiva TABLE 1 Monthly variation of IGI and IL in the digestive gland Mes I Gl (%) I L (%) Abril-2012 23.
However, particulate metal uptake is mainly achieved via the digestive tract by endocytosis; further metals are transferred first to lysosomes and then to residual bodies, especially in the digestive cells of the digestive gland [58].
Digestive gland beige, located along inferior region of each visceral whorl, covering middle digestive tubes and also two whorls posterior to stomach.
Two replicate samples were prepared from the digestive gland / gonad complex of five male and female snails in each sample, which were analyzed for FAs by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) method.
The reduction of all of these sources of nutrients in invertebrates caused a reduction in the body weight, changes in the histologic structure of digestive gland, oxygen consumption rate, and changes in the structure and composition of the shell.
Akin to the human liver, the digestive gland in Cyphoma is thought to contain genes and enzymes that carry out functions similar to their human counterparts.