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the property of being easy to digest

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The term digestibility coefficient refers to the percentage of a food that the dog absorbs into his or her body during the process of digestion.
Increased dietary methionine concentrations had no negative influence on the health status of foxes, and they supported protein digestibility and nitrogen retention.
Values for apparent ileal digestibility (AID) and SID of CP and each AA were determined according to the method of Stein et al [17] described previously.
Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the nutritional levels, digestibility coefficients, and faecal characteristics of dogs fed with alternative ingredients provided from bovine slaughter.
Citric acid as acidifier is reported to improve digestibility, growth and relieve stress in birds (Agustin et al.
Key words: lignocellulosic material, autocatalytic, delignification, organic solvents, in-vitro total dry matter digestibility and sulphuric acid.
In this way, the aim of this study was to evaluate the vitreousness of flint and dent endosperms in grain corn hybrids and to study the effect of this feature on the agronomic behavior, nutritional value and ruminal digestibility of the grain harvested in silage maturity.
PetMatrix also claims that DreamBones exceed the digestibility level of premium dog food, which only has 85% total digestibility.
In vitro studies, using a simulated gastrointestinal tract, should provide fundamental mechanistic insights into the impact of specific coating properties such as composition, thickness and charge, on lipid digestibility.
Ott et al (4) investigated the acceptability and digestibility of diets with increasing levels of citrus pulp (0, 15 and 30%) and observed that diets with 30% citrus pulp were rejected by horses.
Analyzing these plants showed that increased digestibility can be achieved through a range of changes in the cell wall, where the majority of sugar is contained in woody biomass.
Nutrient digestibility of broiler litter, blood and wheat offal blend