dig in

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occupy a trench or secured area


eat heartily


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For example every summer Dig In programs a neighbourhood-wide block party with Big on Bloor (BIG) (Big on Bloor, 2013), a network of West End Toronto BIAs, community and arts organisations to create 'opportunities and events that improve the atmosphere and celebrate the area'.
In 2007, Dig In collaborated with the city-wide Nuit Blanche international festival of contemporary art to curate Bloor Night Light, a neighbourhood-wide arts-led revitalisation project.
Dig In programmed Bloor Night Light activities in and around the House of Lancaster, a strip club owned and operated by the Chair of the local BIA.
The level of investment made by a distributor also often exceeds that of a sales agent, making the distributor more likely to dig in its heels when facing a threat to end its franchise.
provides buried warning tape that can prevent accidental dig ins by letting an excavator know that he/she is too close to a company's pipeline or cable.