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spreading by diffusion

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Jalili, "Enhancing synchronizability of diffusively coupled dynamical networks: a survey," IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, vol.
When C[O.sub.2] is diffusively injected, the low velocity boundary that exists between the CRZ and the HMFR appears to be wider when C[H.sub.4] is injected.
The phonons in the first case are diffusively scattered by interfaces, while the phonons in the latter one propagate through the whole structure as if in one material, so-called coherent phonon transport [119].
Consider a dynamical network consisting of N identical and diffusively coupled nodes, with each node being an n-dimensional delayed distributed parameter system.
Moreover, some skin marks, such as birthmarks, scars or other skin inhomogeneity are seen with sharp borders, which indicates that the optical paths contribute in reflectance not only diffusively.
In the first example, we consider diffusively coupled networks with coupling delay.
In the existing literature, it has been recognized that the network topology plays a significant role in synchronizability of diffusively coupled complex networks [7, 8].
The comparison of observed temporal profiles of particle fluxes with computed ones assuming diffusion indicates that sometimes particles are released really instantaneously on the Sun and propagate further diffusively, as it is, for example, in the flare on November 22, 1977,and in the couple of other cases.
Alternatively, at higher gas pressures, the ions collide with the gas atoms that act as a moderator and move diffusively and condense on the substrate.
For resilience units have epoxy-coated die cast bodies allied to diffusively patterned borosilicate lamp glass and silicone gasket sealing.
Subsequently, the patient was referred to an endocrinologist, who noted on physical examination a diffusively enlarged symmetrical thyroid gland with left eye proptosis.
We found that the mean square displacement increases diffusively for short times (t < 30 ms) and then approaches a plateau value.
Jansen studied a system of two identical, diffusively linked patches.
In addition, the boundary surfaces can be assumed to be diffusively emitting (without reflection) gray surfaces.