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spreading by diffusion

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Before the discovery of ballistic carrier transport, the transport mechanism of the conventional MOSFET is mainly "diffusive", which means that the electron takes a random walk from the source to the drain, traveling in one direction for some length of time before getting scattered into some random direction as sketched in Fig.1.0 below.
The general pattern exhibited by the induced diffusive flux rates for the peptides was one of decrease over time.
The diffusive fluxes contain second-order derivatives which are then converted to a system of first-order equations by adding auxiliary variables Q as conducted by Bassi and Rebay [12].
The analysis of concentration for S[O.sub.2] and N[O.sub.2] using diffusive samplers were set up in the urban background (residential), semiurban (mixed residential and commercial), and roadside (busy street/road and crossing) sites in order to get spatial variation in pollutants concentrations.
A new approach, the diffusive gradients in thin film (DGT) technique [20], has been developed to assess the bioavailability of metals in environmental systems such as sediments and soils [21].
The system eventually exhibits diffusive behavior at late times, while at early times the dynamics are dominated by the inertia of the particle, and the behavior is ballistic, which has been observed in [31].
Dunbar, "Travelling wave solutions of diffusive Lotka-Volterra equations," Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol.
Since they feature flat surfaces, the reflected wave is not diffusive enough to reduce the sound on the road.
The objective of this study is to consider double diffusive convection in a plane layer when the density-temperature relation in the buoyancy term is quadratic.
Composed by microscopic particles that spread the light in all directions, diffusive plastic is efficiently penetrating through the plant canopy extracts.
Diffusive drying from both sapwood and heartwood was observed at the log ends.
Abbott's list is extensive - and diffusive, knocking the focus away from any one particular issue by surrounding it with a daunting inventory of distracting legislative playthings:
Hemodiafiltration is a form of dialysis that uses both convective and diffusive clearances, which is used in standard hemodialysis.